common cleaning

Don’t make these common cleaning mistakes

There are few better things than a clean, organized house. Not only is a clean home pleasant to look at, but it can also help reduce anxiety and bring about a sense of peace. But plenty of people don’t know how to clean their homes thoroughly and correctly. Read up on these common cleaning mistakes […]

cabin fever

How to avoid cabin fever in the winter

Cabin fever is perhaps the biggest enemy to family harmony each winter. The mere thought of being stuck inside for endless winter days can send some people into the doldrums. But winter doesn’t have to be a time of feeling gloom or the restlessness of cabin fever; with a little planning and some determination, you […]

make your own potpourri

Make Your Own Potpourri and Save Money

Potpourri can be expensive, but it doesn’t need to be. Even if a bag isn’t pricey, if you have the right key ingredients, you can make your own potpourri. In colder months, the warm smell of vanilla and cinnamon potpourri can make any home feel inviting; in spring and summer, floral-scented potpourri will bring the […]

brighten your room

Ways to brighten your home in the winter

The winter doldrums can set in quickly, especially when the sun goes down early and the frigid weather keeps everyone cooped up inside. These three tips offer terrific ways to brighten your home and combat those long, dark winter afternoons. 1. Play with Light: The basic overhead lighting and lamps you have in your house […]

holiday planning

Holiday planning, simplified

One of the best ways to get the holidays off to a good start is by envisioning what a successful holiday would look like to you and your family. Maybe that means taking a family ski trip, hosting an annual party or simply staying home to enjoy the holiday with family and friends. By working […]

holiday gifts

Save money and time with homemade holiday gifts

The holiday season is officially here, and what an exciting time it is! If you’re like many people, you have a to-do list that stretches longer than the amount of time you have to get it all done. Here are some ideas for holiday gifts that will help save time and money so that you’ll […]