holiday planning

Holiday planning, simplified

One of the best ways to get the holidays off to a good start is by envisioning what a successful holiday would look like to you and your family. Maybe that means taking a family ski trip, hosting an annual party or simply staying home to enjoy the holiday with family and friends. By working…


Signs that it’s time to replace your dishwasher

Dishwashers are expensive, and many homeowners will delay replacing theirs as long as possible. However, dishwashers are only meant to last about a decade. While it’s okay to put up with small problems such as a detergent cup that does not open easily, there are a few signs that your dishwasher needs to be replaced…

never put in a microwave

What should you never put in a microwave?

Engineer Percy Spencer invented the microwave in 1945 after he noticed that the chocolate bar in his pocket melted when he worked on his active radar set. Ever since its household popularization, the microwave has saved home cooks innumerable hours. But even though the microwave has arguably been one of the most useful inventions of…

pilot light

How to light your stove’s pilot light

For many homeowners, the idea of making home repairs can feel like a daunting task. Most home projects, however, are truly simple at their core. People often assume that lighting a pilot light can be dangerous, but in reality, it’s a simple task that can be completed safely in just a few minutes. The first…

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