Cheap tricks to keep the heat in & the cold out

Cheap tricks to keep the heat in & the cold out

Heating costs can eat up your winter budget, but a few easy tricks can reduce heating costs and keep your living expenses down.

Cheap Ways to Keep Warm in the Winter and Reduce Heating Costs

Heating your home in the winter can be very expensive, especially if your home is not well insulated. Inevitably, some of the heat produced by your heating system finds a way to leak out. If you don’t want your utility bill to break the bank, you have to find ways to keep most of the heat inside your home. Here are a few cheap and easy tricks that can help.

Change Your Filters
It is very important to change your air filters every month if you want to keep your utility bills from skyrocketing. Clogged filters will reduce the efficiency of your system. Dirty filters can also damage your heating and cooling system and cause it to fail prematurely. Filters are cheap—poly filters will get the job done just fine, but changing them regularly will save you a lot of money long term.

Close Your Blinds 

One of the easiest ways to keep heat inside your home is to keep your drapes, curtains and blinds closed. Windows cause you to lose a lot of heat in your home, so covering them will help conserve heat inside in the winter.

Cover Door Bottoms

Gaps under doors allow a lot of heat to escape. You can prevent this by putting a rug or towel up against the door to block off the crack at the bottom. This will also keep the cold air from getting inside your home. If you have doors that are regularly used for company, you should use decorative formal door blockers or draft stoppers.

Keep Doors Closed

Whenever possible, reduce the temperature in rooms you are not using by closing the air vents in those rooms and keeping the doors closed. This way heat will not be wasted on rooms that are unoccupied. When you anticipate using additional parts of the house, you can easily begin to heat them.

A few cheap and easy precautions can help you to keep the heat in your home from escaping and reduce your monthly heating bill. Use these tricks to make your home comfortable and cozy, even when the winter winds blow.